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Film work in progress

Check this out and please sign up for future updates.  More news coming very soon.

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Happy Halloween horrors!

Thanks to Jeff Stevenson for finding this, from the Huffington Post two years ago.



And the trade paperback edition of Remorseless – Tales of Cruelty is now available from Sinister Grin Press, as well as Amazon.

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REMORSELESS – Tales of Cruelty

The e-book edition of Remorseless – Tales of Cruelty is now available from Amazon for Kindle readers.

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I was stunned, humbled and grateful when I learned that Tom dedicated his new novella to me. He is one of our best, not just in horror or crime, but one of our best writers, period. All proceeds from this publication go to help Tom and his family as he recovers from brain cancer. It’s not often you can do some good and also be rewarded for it immediately. Do it now.

And thank you, Pic!

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REMORSELESS trade paperback and e-book editions

They will be available next month from Sinister Grin Press, Amazon, B&N etc.

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Books moving out, books moving in

I’m happy to report that Sinister Grin Press has sold out its limited edition hardcover of Remorseless – Tales of Cruelty. The trade paperback and e-book editions were scheduled for release in October, but now will be moved forward.

I’m also happy to announce that Centipede Press will be publishing a deluxe limited hardcover edition of my novel Fog Heart. They have already published absolutely gorgeous editions of The Nightwalker and Rapture. I’m writing an Afterword that discusses some of the things that influenced the writing of Fog Heart, including an old British true crime case, and we’re working on a couple of other extras.

Dates and more details for both books as soon as they’re available.

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REMORSELESS – Tales of Cruelty – Table of Contents

Back In My Arms, I Want You
Premature Noxia
The Inn of Distant Sorrows
In the Sand Hills
For No One
If You See Me, Say Hello
Goo Girl
Club Saudade
Something Small and Gray, and Quick
The Woman in the Club Car
The God Thing
Fine, Until You Called
The Ventriloquist
The Infestation at Ralls

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REMORSELESS – Tales of Cruelty cover

Cover art by Alan M. Clark

I really like this cover, both the art and the type font, which are very true to the pulp horror roots of many of the 15 short stories in this collection. Coming soon from Sinister Grin Press.